Final INFO 303 Reflection

Since I’m a New Media major and a lot of the projects we did dealt with media that I’m already fairly proficient in I didn’t learn a whole lot of technical skills. I did, however, feel that I benefitted a great deal from all the readings that were given in class. I think learning some of the theories we talked about helped me improve my work. I especially like the reading on sound, because that’s always been an issue that I’ve struggled with in my video work. Working on a purely audio-based project really made me focus on sound quality. I also really liked the reading for the last project. All the topics sounded fascinating and I actually intend on reading most of the articles independently sometime. I think all the different topics were well chosen and I had a hard time picking the ones I wanted to do.

I’m not sure there’s a whole lot I’ve done differently over the course of the semester. I feel that the projects were all fairly different and that there wasn’t a lot that you could learn from one and apply to the next. I suppose the theories and skills that we developed while working on the sound project could be carried over into the video project, but other than that they are fairly disjointed.

My favorite project was probably the final interactive one. This is mostly because I am personally really interested in interactivity in general. I liked the theory that I was assigned for the project even if it wasn’t my first choice. I really liked making the game and dolls.  I think doing a presentation of each of our theories would’ve been effective as well but I think that the format that we did present them in was just as effective, more unique, and much more in line with the class’s purpose.

My least favorite project was probably the mapping one. I like the reading, the theories and the discussions surrounding the project, but I didn’t really feel much enthusiasm for the project itself. I think this is mostly because it had to be about the University of Illinois campus. This was a problem I had with all three of the first projects. I really liked the media we worked with for the first three but the limitations we had because we were in an EUI section of the class made a lot of the projects significantly less interesting.

Overall, I liked the projects and the class and I would recommend it to others, but only if they could get into a non-EUI section.


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