Nakamura and Williams Reading Response

1. What argument(s) is this article making?

Nakamura – Gender/Racial etc differences and inequalities still exist online. Identity cannot be totally shed, it still reflects real world context.

Williams – People use pop culture and references to it as a way to construct and convey their identity online, but it doesn’t always work the way they want it to.

2. What does this article say about media?

Nakamura – Media is not a “great equalizer” and that it is still part of the “real world”

Williams – People use media to form their identity

3. Describe one good example that would illustrate the reading’s argument.

Nakamura – There are websites that are specifically geared toward certain identity groups. People still use racial/gendered slurs online.

Williams – People put images of pop culture on their myspace page, or they list their favorite movies on facebook. These sections are almost always used more than the “about me” page.

4. What is one question you still have about the article?

We have not questions currently about the article.


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