Robbery Video Response

Footage of people is put online all the time without people’s consent, but I think it’s different when its a respectable institution such as the University putting it online. I think they certainly have the right to share the video, especially since from my understanding it was originally spread as part of a police investigation, but they lose credibility when they neglect to get the consent of the individuals involved. I understand that they might not know the identity of all the bystanders in the video and therefore would be unable to gain their consent, but it is fairly easy to employ some sort of blur in order to obscure their identity more fully.

I think security cameras on campus might make us safer. I’m not sure I’d call cameras that are out on campus and that are shooting from quite a distance a real invasion of privacy, but they can certainly be used as such. When they are used solely for the purpose of stopping crime they’re fine, but in this case there may be some privacy issues involved simply because it extended beyond security.


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