Hampe Video Response

“When Do They Serve the Wine” – Interview with cartoonist Liza Donnelly.

This filmmaker uses three different types of shots in this video. The first is a straight up “talking heads” interview shot of Liza Donnelly talking to the camera in what appears to be a home office/library. The second type of shot is of her working on her art, drawing or inking or painting. The final type of shot doesn’t have Liza Donnelly in it visual but instead shows examples of her cartoons.

These different shots, especially the interview and the ones of her working, were very clearly planned out. This wasn’t accidental footage. The visuals of her working and of the art itself clearly fits with the topic at hand and is not out of place.

There was a lot of reliance on the audio interview but I don’t think that worked poorly. The visuals and the audio worked well together. There was no contradiction between them and there wasn’t any audio that’s sole purpose was to make up for missing visuals. In addition, nothing seems to be fabricated or untruthful about the video.


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