Podcast Script First Draft

Kelly: Allen Hall, one of the eight residences halls on the University of Illinois campus is home to the living-learning community known as Unit One. Established in 1971, Unit One is dedicated to creating an intellectually engaging community for it’s residents. Unit One provides a number of academic courses, workshops, volunteering opportunities and even private music lessons, but probably Unit One’s greatest resources is the Guest-In-Residence program.

The Guest-In-Residence program is a series of visiting guests, who come from any number of academic, artistic or professional backgrounds, who live in Allen Hall for between 1 and 2 weeks and hold a number of “non-academic programs, workshops and discussions” revolving around their chosen interests and careers. Guests live in the dorms, eat in the dining hall and are available for discussions and interaction through out the week.

There are typically between six and eight guests every year. Allen Hall residents and staff are responsible for suggesting and selecting potential guests.

[Insert some type of transitional lead in here]

[Insert student interviews here]


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