McKee Reading

I found this reading very interesting. As a new media major I’m required to create a lot of videos for my Time Arts classes and sound has always been something I struggle with. This article is very comforting because it doesn’t equate “sound” with “music,” which I’m absolutely helpless with. I’m especially fascinated by the discussion of silence as a presence rather than an absence. I’ve always really loves sudden cut offs in sound – when sound keeps building and building to the point that it’s almost overwhelming and then it suddenly cuts off and your left with a ringing silence. The quote about how “silence can be the loudest of noises” (349) really stood out to me as exemplifying what I already knew about silences and how satisfying they can be.

Discussion questions: Do any of the websites you regularly visit utilize sound (not including sites like youtube or 8tracks)? Why do you think most sites don’t use sound? How could some of the sites you regularly use utilize sound beneficially? Can they utilize sound beneficially?


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