Turchi Reading Response

I absolutely loved this reading. I thought that parallel between maps and fiction was absolutely fascinating, especially since I’d never really thought of it before. As someone who loves both fiction <em>and </em>maps this connection delights me. Since I write stories I’m usually somewhat aware for the conventions being used within them when I read, but I usually am unconscious of the effects of certain aspects of maps unless they are very obvious. I’ve also never thought of maps as persuasive tools before. I’d heard of the the incident of John Snow before but I don’t believe I ever connected his ability to figure out the source of the plague and further more his ability to <em>convince </em>people that it was the source of the plague to his use of maps before.

Discussion questions:

Are satellite maps like the ones used by google maps more objective than human-created maps, or do they hold their own set of biases?

Besides the obvious uses of navigation and understanding geography, what can maps be used for? What do you use maps for?


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