UIUC Map Analysis

I decided to look at the default map of campus that just looks at campus buildings. I think the map is basically usable, although it is hardly perfect. When you’ve selected a building it immediately zooms in to show you that building. This can be a problem if you are using it for directions because you may no longer be able to see the point you intend to start at on the map. While there is a scroll feature on the map, it would be much more useful to be able to see both the starting and ending point of your journey in one frame. It can still be used to help you navigate campus, but I think it would work better in combination with a full sized paper map (which is offered as a pdf on the right sidebar). It is also completely useless in terms of finding buildings that aren’t affiliated with the University, despite their location on campus.

The map assumes that you have a general sense of direction on campus, and that you know the names of the building which you want to find. It assumes that the people on campus are only looking for school affiliated buildings. It may be in part a way to control business: the only one of the three bookstores on campus that are listed is the Illini Union Bookstore, which is owned by the University of Illinois. Follett and TIS aren’t on the map at all. It doesn’t show a lot of businesses and locations that people may be interested in finding such as restaurants and more importantly bars, which may be because the University prefers not to associated with.


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