Harmon and Drucker Reading Response

I found the Harmon article very interesting because while I was certainly aware that art involving maps existed I had never thought to make “The Map as Art” its own subcategory of art. I’m really tempted to go find this book now because I’ve always been fascinated with maps, especially old pre-mapquest/google maps ones, or one based on locations that no longer exist or never existed in the first place.

Question for the Harmon article: Is every map a piece of art, even maps like those on Google Maps or Mapquest? Or does there have to be some separate interpretation of and purpose for the map outside of directional navigation?

The Drucker article was also interesting because it very clearly articulates things that I think almost everyone is somewhat aware of, if only on a subconscious level. I know I for one have discussed in my Interaction class before the different ways that our landscape influences our environment. It’s interesting however how often we come in contact with these things and yet how little we actually consciously think about them.

Question for the Drucker article: How does the experience of language in landscape change when its in a language you do not understand? Does the influences of the language in the landscape still effect you, or does it fade into the background?


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