Bolter “Introduction” Reading Response

The introduction focused on three terms: remediation, hypermediacy, and immediacy. Come up with definitions of these terms based on the reading. What struck you about the authors’ examples?

Remediation seems to be the act of increasingly re-exploring and re-capturing an experience by viewing it through the different lenses that different media offer. Bolter states that remediation carries with it “double logic”:  we want to simultaneously erase and increase media. Films remediate experiences to such a degree that they hope to make the viewer forget that they are viewing a remediation and are instead dealing with the “real” thing. Often things are remediated in an attempt to increase their immediacy and decrease their hypermediacy.

Bolter compares hypermediacy to opacity and immediacy to transparency. Hypermediacy is an awareness of the medium being used to transmit the content, where immediacy is the state which the medium is forgotten, it does not call attention to itself and the content is allowed to shine on its own. Immediacy attempts to offer a more “authentic experience,” it hopes to make people forget that what they are experiencing is merely a remediation of the real thing. In contrast hypermediacy makes people very aware of the medium being employed in the experience.

I found the less modern examples to be very interesting, such as the idea that a drawing or a photography are a form of remediation, because they never really struck me as such. Digital 3D renderings of place are very clear in their motivations: they want to to feel as though you’re really there. Photos and drawings try to do that as well but their so obviously not the real place that their falseness isn’t even questioned.


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