Low Tech Sensors & Actuators

(I’m not sure if this document was put up for us to do a reading response to or just to use as a resource guide but I’m responding to it just in case)


I found all of these projects very interesting and I think given time I could find applications for many of these techniques. However, someone needs to take these people aside and teach them how to write a proper manual. There are no list of resources or details about any of the products they used. They used the term “CAT” even before they introduced a picture of the cat toy and with no explanation to what it referred to and even after we actually saw what “CAT” was there was no real product description to accompany it. This goes along with any of the other products they used. Given that these instructions could very well be very product specific and not carry over to all flashlights or all noise-making cat toys it would be helpful to include these details. In addition I don’t think I could actually follow any of these instructions. They are simply to vague and the accompanying pictures do little to aid in instruction. As someone who likes to tinker with things for fun occasionally but who needs very specific and detailed instructions to achieve a specific goal I can’t help but think I would be totally lost attempting to follow these directions. In short, this reading gives a nice overview of what types of low tech sensors and technologies can be created, but if I actually wanted to pursue any of these projects I would go elsewhere.

This probably wasn’t even the point of you assigning this reading to us but I find myself very annoyed by this incompetency. The introduction presents this as a “how to” guide for artists but I don’t think it achieves this goal very well at all.


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