Mapping Problem and Questions

1) What is the problem you’re solving

We are trying to increase the interaction between students and their awareness of the people who use the same spaces but at different times.

This is interesting because people usually use the labs independently of each other and don’t interact with others in the lab. They also don’t usually have any exposure to the work that their fellow students are doing unless they are in the same class. This would let people both share their work with and communicate remotely with other students.
2) Define your desired audience/users

Students, specifically art students who use the computer lab.
3) What are the territories established or observed in your problem?
The territory will be limited to the art and design computer labs.

4) What is the data or information-space of your problem?

We assume that they know how to use a computer, specifically word and image processing software. The people using the lab already know how to use at least some of the programs on the computer and how to navigate the different availability issues.

The layout of the space already exists, people learn when the computers are available based on signs listing when classes take place, and the art and design website lists what computers have what software.

Data that can be produced is any type of media that can be produced by a computer.


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