Psychogeographic Walk


1. I started at Allen Hall. I went out the front door because they are closest to Altgeld

2. I took the right sidewalk so I don’t have to cross the street. It was nice out so I walked slowly

3. I took the path that cuts across the grass next to Freer hall because it seemed shorter.

4. I walked to the corner because there were cars and I didn’t want to j-walk, and I didn’t want to walk to the intersection because there was even more traffic there.

5. I walked on the side walk because there were bikes on the bike path. There was a car on the side walk (as always) so I avoided that.

6. I kept going straight instead of turning right because the left path was sunnier

7. I took the first right hand path that led to the quad because it seemed faster

8. I would normally cut across the quad but there were a lot of people out and some were playing Frisbee and I didn’t want to disturb anyone so I just went straight

9. I did cut across that quad at this point because I saw some guy with a dog in this direction and I love dogs.

10. I turned right and then went straight here because that’s the easiest way to get to Altgeld, but I walked even slower so I could watch the tight rope walkers

11. I then made a quick right and then left because it was the quickest way to Altgeld

12. I took the first right hand path to go in the front entrance of Altgeld since I’d never been there before and didn’t know where anything would be and I thought it would be easier to navigate if I went in the front

13. I started to go up the right stairs but then some guy started as well and I didn’t want to follow him so I went up the left stairs.

14. I turned to the left and walked around, hoping to find the stuff we were supposed to be looking for. When I found it I just paced back and forth looking for a mathematical model that fits my personality

15. I chose this one.


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