Denis Cosgrove’s Carto City; Multidisciplinary Interaction Design for Alternative City Tourisms

I find this article very interesting. I’ve never thought of a map as an interface for dealing with a city before, although now that it’s been pointed out I realize its the perfect description. I find the idea that maps could be used to highlight different values and ideas fascinating. I especially found it interesting that in the 20th century map were used to control cities. I’ve never thought of a map as a way to control space before; rather I’ve always thought of it as merely a transcription of a space onto a two-dimensional medium. It’s interesting to read about through the perspective of artistic and social merit.

As for the case study of Alternative City Tourism in Rome I thought both ideas were very interesting. I loved their motivations of bridging the gap between tourists and residents. I think it’s very true that locals tend to ignore parts of their cities (and tourists most certainly do as well).

I loved the idea of the tour-shirt in theory, although I’m introverted and I hate talking to strangers so I feel like I’d either be miserable using it or it could possibly be a really good exercise in going outside of your comfort zone.

I like The Cube as well, mostly because I like the idea of your “map” becoming a way to relieve your trip after the fact. I think the duel-function of the device is very nice and makes an other wise “meh” idea of traveling by dice much more interesting


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