Project 1 Questions

a. What is your team’s subject matter – what is in the exhibition you’re creating?

Our exhibition will look at the signage in the museum and how the museum structures thought.
b. What are your design/communication goals? (what is the perspective offered by your exhibition on the objects being represented? For example, are you exhibiting the work of a single maker, counter to anthropological musuem norms that represent makers as anonymous members of an exotic culture?)

We are looking at how the museum tries to convey specific thoughts and connotations through the signage.

c. What is the organizational structure you will use? (geography, date, gender, function, narrative, etc.)

Geographical, because we want to mimic the layout of the actual museum.

d. What will your kiosk’s architecture be? And how does it serve your stated goals?

Index. This will organize it simply and in a way similar to the original layout of the exhibitions.


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